Summer mornings

Since my camera was out sitting around.. I decided to take a picture of my new AMAZING coffee creamer.. GIRL SCOUTS! When I went to the grocery store to buy other items.. I just couldn't pass this up. So if you're a big coffee drinker like me AND you love Girl Scout cookies.. do yourself a favor & try it! :) After I took a picture of my coffee ( kinda weird.. I know haha ), I saw how cuddly Zieg, our bullterrier, was being. Nobody believes that he can be still & sweet at the same time.. so I thought I would prove it :). He just loves the neighborhood kids & especially our little friend ( who we're babysitting this summer ). This is what our summer mornings have been like so far.. coffee, cuddling, and sleep.. couldn't ask for anything better! Have a GREAT weekend everyone! xoxo