My dog, Zieg

I hope taking pictures of my dog in the bathtub doesn't make me crazy.. Promise, I'm not! haha. I just felt like me and Zieg needed to share our pain from the past 2 weeks.

Ever since it decided to rain cats & dogs ( too much?? haha.. ), we have had mud in our backyard! Zieg has a buddy who runs with him along the fence.. and since it was muddy I made him stay inside. That wasn't working out too well.. I have at least given Zieg 10+ baths in the past 2 weeks. Seriously!! This is so not fun for either us!! You can tell that he isn't too happy in his pictures, but it cracks me up :). Our Zieg ( Ziegy, ziggy, ziegster, ziegy wiggy, our nieces call him football head.. ) can make you mad, scream, laugh, & cuddle all in the same day! We love him to death & we're glad he is our Zieg.

So if you have a dog who has been getting in the mud lately.. I feel your pain...