365 Project

With the help of another photographer friend, I've decided to start the 365 Project! Basically you photograph whatever you want every day. If you skip a day it's no biggie! As you can see I missed day 3. I'm hoping to improve my photography skills and of course capture my everyday life! It challenges you to shoot exactly what's going on. No posing and you use whatever light you got! Most of the images will be focused on Grant but hopefully I can get in a few too. I'm excited to start this project!

Here is my first week... Enjoy! XOXO


Finally likes to sit in his chair. Don't mind his crazy hair.


I love the lighting that was coming through the windows early in the morning. He wakes up, eats, and then plays on his playmat. I used to love sleeping in (don't get me wrong.. I miss it), but I don't mind waking up to this smiling face!


He is loving bath time!