A Little Update

It’s been a longggg time since I’ve introduced myself to new followers so here I go!

Image by: Elizabeth Brooke Photography

Image by: Elizabeth Brooke Photography

In case you don’t know me… hi, I’m Kaycee! I’ve been documenting people’s lives since 2010 and weddings since 2013. I am a wife and momma living in Houston!

5 fun facts about me:

  1. In the past year I have picked up on reading more books for fun. Currently following Reese Witherspoon’s book club!

  2. This year I finally watched the first 8 seasons of The Office (I know.. I know..) and I need to finish the last one!

  3. My Enneagram type is 7w6. Definitely fits me.

  4. I’m always looking forward to the next travel experience. Trying to decide on my 30th b-day trip! (omg… can’t believe I’ll be 30 next year!)

  5. I’ve always loved Disney, but now that I have little ones I love it even MORE! We’ll be going on our 3rd trip in October.

I’ve blogged sporadically over the past year and for good reason I guess. See the littlest boy in the photo? That’s my 2nd son, Miles! I took some time off from photography to of course snuggle with my chunky baby, and to also get adjusted to having two little ones. Let me tell ya a little about Miles… h. i. g. h. maintenance. Cute as can be and we’re so thankful to have him, but phew… Momma was (is?) tired. Any new parent reading this, if you also have a “high maintenance” baby just know that you will survive! You will survive! Hey hey… ;)

Image by: Elizabeth Brooke Photography

Image by: Elizabeth Brooke Photography

Posting to social media was the last thing on my mind. I couldn’t even think straight enough to type up a cute caption for a photo on Instagram. Any other business owners feel me? Time has passed by, I’ve gotten more sleep, and I’ve definitely adjusted to the #boymom life. (still lacking on the cute captions to post, ha!) Although I’ve learned social media isn’t everything… I’ve still got to post some so that y’all know I’m still photographing weddings. So here I am in the middle of 2019 ready to take on the rest of the year and welcome new brides for 2020!

Enough about that… I’ve got an announcement!

Image by: Elizabeth Brooke Photography

Image by: Elizabeth Brooke Photography

Exciting news!

I’m happy to announce my newest second shooter and assistant. Drum roll pleaseeee…

My husband and best friend, Nate! What a stud. ;)


He has actually assisted me at two weddings and has done an awesome job so far! He told me I’m a little bossy, but what’s new? haha! I’m pretty pumped to be working as a team though. Nate is a people person and has a great sense of humor. There are so many things on my list of reasons why I love him but one of them is that he’s a hard worker. He puts 110% into his job during the week and it’s been no different for weddings. We’ve joked back and forth about him second shooting for a while now and recently I’ve needed more help and I thought well why not have him along side me? I’m excited to see where this new lead takes us and how we can better serve our brides & grooms!

We’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’m betting it’ll be fun and so worth it.


On our list is new headshots and hopefully that’ll be soon!