Mr. & Mrs. Lytle | Greenville, TX

When I edited Mr. and Mrs. Lytle's session, I couldn't help but smile. Maybe when me and Nate make it to 55 years of marriage, we'll take pictures AND he won't complain about it. #marriagegoals. I've known Mr. and Mrs. Lytle, also known as Granddad and Nin, for about 7 years now. They are Nate's cousin's grandparents who live in Greenville, TX. For whatever reason I call Mrs. Lytle "Nin" too... it just feels right. :) I absolutely love her headshots that were taken in their beautiful backyard. I think purple is her color! I also love how we incorporated what they do best. Sitting in their comfy chairs, enjoying each other's company with a glass of wine and some laughter. Photographing these two was a breeze and they didn't mind snuggling up for the camera. To Mr. & Mrs. Lytle, thank you for asking me to photograph you! Enjoy! XOXO 

Liz + Vance | Kemah Boardwalk

A few months ago when I launched my new website I did a giveaway. Our friend, Liz, entered and won! Whoop whoop! We tried doing her and Vance's session back in May in Dallas, but it rained. So they came down to visit us in Baytown and what do ya know? It rains... That's ok though because we made it work and they rocked it!

Let me tell you about these two. They're perfect together. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends beam with joy and being able to capture it! While they were here we went to the mall and wound up doing a little ring shopping... no pressure at all Vance. ;) Here are some of my faves from their session. Enjoy! XOXO

Claudia + Zach | South Texas State Fair

Cotton candy, lemonade, and pork-a-bobs... mhmm. Makes me want to go back to the fair! I'm so happy that Zach and Claudia modeled for me! The weather was perfect and they looked adorable. I loved how they were down to do whatever even though there was a million people around! Funny story. Claudia lives just a few houses down from me and we didn't know it until after our session! Such a small world. Anyway, here are some of my faves from their session at the South Texas State Fair in Beaumont! XOXO

Chelsea + Clint | South Texas State Fair

I'm so glad I get to share this fun, fair shoot with y'all! Chelsea and I go wayyyy back (7th grade to be exact). I was happy to see her volunteer to model! Clint and Chelsea have been married for about 5 1/2 years, and they have an almost one year old little girl. Chelsea's friendship has been a blessing, and I'm glad we're going through mommyhood together! We started their session a little earlier than I normally would and it wound up being pretty hot that day. Thanks for being troopers guys! ;) Enjoy some of my faves! XOXO

Kaci & Chase | Beaumont, TX

Yay! It only took me forever to blog this session! This photoshoot was a "just because" session. Kaci and I discussed a style to go for, and she did great in making it all come together! Chase looks handsome in his suspenders and of course, Kaci is gorgeous! Her makeup is FLAWLESS! Bridgette did a great job (as usual). I kind of want to pat myself on the back for my bouquet making skills.. haha  ;). That was my first time to ever attempt to put one together! It was a gloomy day, but I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. Thanks Kaci & Chase for modeling!  XOXO

Makeup: Makeup by Bridgette Gil