Podcasts | What I'm Loving

It's been a little while since I've blogged. What can I say? Life gets busy when you have a sick toddler and a schedule full of sessions and parties! Even though it's been a little chaotic around here, I've still made time for my podcasts. I am officially a podcast geek. I've gotten advice, resources, and reassurance from just tuning in to different creative shows. The best thing about it... it's FREE! 

I started listening a few podcasts earlier this year when my friend, Lizett, introduced me to The Homemaking Foundations Podcast (which I love). I browsed around and had no idea that there were so many different people speaking to entrepreneurs like myself! Holy cow! It's safe to say that I became a little bit addicted. Any time I'm in the car by myself, I plug in my phone and turn the volume up!

Here are my top 3 podcasts that I'm loving at the moment!

  1. She Creates Business
  2. PhotoSpark
  3. All Up in Your Lady Business

She Creates Business Podcast is still pretty new, but so far I've enjoyed listening! I love how it's geared towards wedding professionals and not just photographers, giving me a different outlook on the industry. Kinsey does a great job at keeping the conversation flowing and providing great resources!

The ladies at PhotoSpark have provided some awesome content that I've applied to my business. Right now I'm obsessed with Episode 47: Finding Your Dream Clients! I'll admit that I've listened to it more than once. It's THAT good! 

Last but not least, All Up in Your Lady Business. Jessica and Jaclyn crack me up! I find myself nodding my head and agreeing with them all the time. I love the guests they have on the show too!


So now that I've shared some of my favorites with you... do you have any to share with me?? I'm always up for trying something new! XOXO