5 year anniversary

5 Years and Forever to go | Happy Anniversary

March 31, 2012

5 years ago I married my best friend. FIVE YEARS! In January I decided to try the KonMari method and cleaned out our closet when all of a sudden I stumbled upon a card. It was the card that I wrote to Nate that went with his wedding gift (a watch) before we saw each other on our wedding day. I'm happy we saved it (even though I didn't know we did ha!)!

Every year I love looking through our wedding album and images. I catch myself smiling because they take me back to one of the best nights of my life! It's crazy how photos can make you feel like it was just yesterday. I still remember Nate's cousin, Travis, asking the day after if we could do it all over again because it was that fun. I would love to relive this day 1000 times over! Maybe for our 50th wedding anniversary when we're old and grey!?

To my Nater,

I'm so glad you chose me and I'm not sure what I'd do without you. I love this life we've built together. You are still everything I've ever wanted and more. I love you! Happy 5th anniversary!

Today we're flying to Boston to celebrate! We'll be attending the Red Sox opening day game! One of our dreams is to visit every MLB stadium and Fenway Park will be our 6th! I wonder how many we'll check off the list by our 10th anniversary?! 

Nate's always in trouble. ;)

Nate's always in trouble. ;)

Thank you Tara Swain Photography for capturing the wedding celebration!

Another big thank you to K & K Designs for coordinating and designing!