Houston Wedding

Katie & Justin | Houston Engagement

Katie & Justin | Houston Engagement

Katie knew she wanted the big, beautiful oak trees in Houston to be the main focal point in their engagement session. (her and Justin too, of course! haha) Even though it was gloomy (because when has it hasn’t been in Houston lately??) these images turned out amazing! Katie’s smile could light up a room and the way Justin looks at her is everything.

Ashley | Bridals at The Secret Garden

Ashley | Bridals at The Secret Garden

We had an amazing bridal session at The Secret Garden in Sulphur, LA! Ashley looked absolutely flawless for her bridals and made a beautiful bride! I love how easy going she is and how fun we were able to have during her photo session. It was sooo hard to narrow down my favorites so be prepared to see a lot, haha! ;)

Wedding Planning Tip: Gather Your Wedding Details Together

Your details are some of the most carefully and purposefully planned pieces featured throughout your wedding day. Some of these pieces may have been used in weddings for generations, while others may be brand new and purchased just for you. Whether it’s something old or something new, these pieces should be photographed. And that’s why I’m so excited to share one of my biggest wedding tips with you!

During the days and weeks leading up to your wedding, gather your most treasured details together! I always suggest doing this because one thing you do not want to do while you’re prepping to walk down the aisle is scramble. By carefully placing each and every detail together in one place, you will know without a shadow of doubt that everything is in an easy to access place for your photographer.

To make this process even easier for you, I thought I would share a step-by-step guide with you!

Step 1: Choose a box!

This will not be photographed (unless it’s meaningful to you!), so it’s more important for your box to have lid and be large enough to store all of your details inside than it is for it to be beautiful. Make sure to keep your box in a central location in your home during the days and weeks leading up to your weding because you will feel encouraged to place things inside.

Step 2: Add your stationery!

Your save-the-dates and invitations are often some of your first photographable wedding details you receive. When working with your stationery designer or even an online shop like Minted, make sure to order enough extra pieces so you can place at least one save-the-date and one complete invitation suite inside your details box. Ideally, these pieces will not have traveled through the mail.

Step 3: Add your heirloom details!

Are you wrapping your grandfather’s handkerchief around your bouquet, or are you adding a photo of your grandma? As long as another wedding professional, such as your florist, does not need to use these pieces to complete a design, pop them into your box.


Step 4: Add the pieces you will wear!

You may want to keep your wedding veil with your wedding dress or perhaps carry any jewelry you will wear separately, but the idea is to make sure these pieces are near all of your other details while you’re getting ready. Also, don’t forget your wedding shoes, garter, and perfume!

Step 5: Add your wedding dress!

While I don’t expect you to forget to bring your wedding dress, this is a detail I always photograph. I love to capture photos of the dress hanging before you put it on just as much as I adore capturing the must-have moments of your putting on your dress. There’s nothing like combining your wedding dress with all of your other details!

Step 6: Add your wedding dress hanger!

If you plan to hang your wedding dress on a special hanger, don’t forget it! You can arrive to your getting ready location with your wedding dress on the hanger from your bridal boutique and switch it over once you’re in place for the day.

Step 7: Add your rings!

Although these may be considered pieces you may wear, they deserve their own step and category. Often, couples separate their wedding bands on their wedding day – the best man has the groom’s, while the maid of honor has the bride’s. However, the bride should keep both wedding bands with her engagement ring. I will want to make sure to photograph all three rings together.

Step 8: Flowers!

While you won’t be placing your wedding bouquet or boutonniere into your box, I do like to photograph these pieces together. Your florist will arrive with your bouquet, but I always love to borrow the groom’s boutonniere before he adds it to his wedding day look.

Step 9: Wedding Gifts to each other!

Because these will be wrapped, I won’t want to photograph them until after they are opened. I’m more than happy to chat with a groomsmen or bridesmaid about gathering both together, so don’t ever worry that I’ll miss these! I always love to combine your wedding gifts together with any cards or letters you have exchanged on your wedding day.

Step 10: Place your box in an easy to access area!

After I give you a warm welcome and an excited congrats, I always start by checking the lighting. Then I capture all of the details! So I don’t interrupt your getting ready time (or ask your bridesmaids to chase something down for me!), your best bet is to make sure all of your details are centralized. As long as they are, I’ll be able to capture everything quickly and style each piece to perfection.

What wedding detail can you not wait to wear on your wedding day? I would love to hear!

I Believe in Wedding Albums

Just after my wedding day, one of the first things my husband and I chose to do was have all of our wedding photos combined into a beautifully presented wedding album. It’s one of our most treasured pieces, which is why we leave it on our buffet table at all times. We want to feel encouraged to relive our day as much as possible, and we always catch guests sneaking a peek too!

One of the comments I hear all too often about wedding albums is, “I wish I had gotten one made.” The simple fact about wedding albums is they allow your photos to become a tangible piece from your wedding day, and those moments should be printed. Your phone and computer have so many files on them already, so why add more to the mix? Plus, how often will you look through your wedding on great days and days that require a pick me up if your photos are only housed digitally? Likely not very often!

In order to encourage you to print your wedding pictures, I offer three wedding album sizes – 8” x 8”, 10” x 10”, and 12” x 12”. I absolutely love the 12” x 12” albums, but the other two sizes are just as wonderful! When you place your wedding album order, I can also design extra albums in any of the album sizes in order for you to gift them to your parents as a surprise!

When you choose to place an order for a wedding album, I will talk through all of the details with you, including your favorite photos, my top photo picks, as well as details you will want to always be able to remember. Once all of the photo choices are in place, I will design an album I sincerely hope you will love! Each piece is printed in color or black and white onto the highest quality paper to create an heirloom I know you will love.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, and photos are one of the best ways to relive every moment you remember and a few you may have forgotten. I can already envision you sharing your wedding story with your children and grandchildren one day. Grant loves looking through ours, and it’s so sweet to know our wedding album will be treasured for generations to come. Let’s tell your story through your own unique heirloom album!