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365 Project | Week 6

We've made it to week 6! I have slacked off a little due to traveling and being busy with the holidays. I even skipped week 5, boo. We've had so much fun with Grant celebrating his first Christmas! He likes ripping the wrapping paper off of his presents. He has even got a tooth with another coming in. Teething is so much fun... :/. I hope you all are enjoying spending time with friends and family. I know I sure am! Wishing you a merry Christmas! God bless!




New facial expression on the right.



An almost 6 month old's version of kisses.


The cutest little reindeer! Merry Christmas!

Loggins family | Crosby, TX

I'm so glad I got to meet the sweet Loggins family! Jennifer did a great job on their outfits. Doesn't it LOOK like fall? We only wished it felt like it! ;) Rick is the chairmen for the Crosby Fair & Rodeo. I love how they incorporated that into their session. Harper is the cutest little cowboy, don't ya think?! Here are some of my faves from their mini session. Enjoy! xoxo

G-man is 3 months!

Our little man is 3 months old! Isn't his shirt perfect?

He is just the sweetest & smiles all of the time. I think we'll keep him. ;)


I know I know... it's not even October yet, BUT the date just worked out the best to do our little fun Halloween project! Grant and I hosted our first playdate... yup, officially feelin' like a Mom now. I can't lie though, I LOVE a good themed party & I love getting my friends together! Since my son is only 2 months old going on 3... there aren't many holiday crafts we can do just yet. I found the footprint art and thought it was too cute to pass up. I ran it by a friend and then next thing I know I'm planning a small brunch. Of course I hit up Pinterest to get some ideas! Dear Lord... the pumpkin french toast was amazing! I will definitely put that on my list to make again. I did have one Pinterest fail I'm so thankful fall is here! The final product pictures were taken with my iPhone since I was running around trying to make sure everything was ok with the kids & paintings. If you want to try this project make sure you have some extra help.

 I absolutely LOVE how Grant's Frankenstein & ghost feet turned out! I never knew I could love little feet so much. ;) Happy fall y'all!

Click HERE for the pumpkin french toast recipe

Ghost cake topper & witch napkins: Swoozie's


I decided to try something a little different and bought a backdrop... I am still not completely sure what I am doing but it's been fun so far :). I wanted photos of Grant and his big cousins, Hannah and Hayden! The twins are 6 years old (almost 7!) and Grant is 2 months old. Let me tell you... it was a little challenging getting a 2 month old to cooperate when he was ready for a nap. We will try again when he can sit up! Even though he wasn't super happy with us, I think these came out ok! Hopefully I'll get better at the whole using natural light indoors thing ;). Until then.. enjoy these images!