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365 Project | Week 8

Made it to week 8! Whoo hoo! Now that the holidays are over, I can get back into my routine of picture taking ;). We went to the beach for New Years but since it was so nasty I didn't get my camera out. Grant only went outside once when we went to go eat in Galveston at The Spot. If you haven't had a burger there.. you're missing out! Oh, for Christmas I got a new lens! Canon 100mm macro lens. I tried practicing on Grant's eyelashes but he moves too much. The last image of him with Zieg was also shot with the macro lens. Until next time... XOXO



6 months old!


I got a new lens for Christmas and was testing it out on his eyelashes. They are so long! Also, he's into chewing on everything. He has his two bottom teeth now!

Dogs make him so happy. He squeals with excitement whenever we are around one. He LOVES Zieg! Zieg doesn't really care too much... haha. He randomly came up to give Grant a kiss though and of course Grant loved it.

10 on 10 Project | February

Once again.. this is not a 10 0n 10.. more like a 7 on 10 :/  womp womp... haha. If you don't even know what the heck I'm talking about, click HERE to find out. February 10, 2014 = cold & rainy. This weather has got to go! So.. February 10th wasn't as adventurous as I was hoping, but I did eat some good food. My morning was spent at the dental clinic getting my teeth cleaned. I figured they wouldn't ask me to come back if I brought my camera ;). As usual Zieg followed me around. Such a camera hog!

Until next time.. xoxo

"Egg in an avocado" (not sure what people actually call this.. haha). SO YUMMY! All you do is cut an avocado in half. Remove the seed. Scoop out a little bit of the avocado to make room for the egg. Put the egg in the avocado.. it's ok if it spills as long as the yolk stays in the middle of the avocado (obviously I spilled a lot..). Sprinkle cayenne & cheese on top. Bake at 400 degrees for 12 min. Wahla!

Laissez les bon temps rouler! It's Mardi Gras time & I surprised Nate with our first King Cake of the season. It's delicious! Oh and Nate found the baby.. guess he has to buy the next one!

Even though these images aren't perfect, I still love them. Zieg was so excited when Nate came home. Love my boys!



10 on 10 project - January

So.. my first 10 on 10 project is a fail.. mainly because I don't have 10 photos, but at least I tried.. right?  :)  I was on Pinterest a few weeks ago (shocker) & I read an article about a few different photography projects you can do throughout the year. The 10 on 10 project caught my eye. You take 10 photos on the 10th day of every month.. how hard can that be? Well... apparently I had a boring January 10th lol! With this project, I hope to strengthen my photography skills & to capture my own life through the way I view it. Join me if you want to!

Hopefully Feb. 10th with be a more adventurous day for me    ;)

Every. single. morning Zieg is in our face staring at us or making weird noises letting us know that the sun is up & it's time for him to eat. He's "starving". We've had this bowl since we first got him & little did we know that "hungry" was going to be his favorite word. As soon as I say it, he's licking his lips!

Yeah.. we were those people this year  haha. We didn't take our Christmas tree down until the middle of January  :/ yikes! Guess life got the best of us & we decided to be a little lazy this year. At least the yard decorations were put up before the New Year   ;)

My parents sold their house & moved half of their "stuff" (as my Dad would like to call it) to our upstairs. Mom has this fake plant in a cute wooden bicycle & Zieg has become obsessed with it. Sometimes when I can't find him, I go upstairs & he's just standing right next to it or has his face in it.. Weirdo

For whatever reason, Zieg has become my little shadow this past month. Every step I took down the stairs, he was on the same step. What can I say? He's a momma's boy.. (hopefully by now y'all don't think I'm crazy.. he's our furbaby!)

Yep.. I'm already decorating for Valentines Day. Even though I know it's not even February, I feel bad putting it up for only 2 weeks. If I'm going to get it out, it needs to be worth it.. right?  haha. Please tell me I'm not alone in this!

Yes, I took a picture of my brand spankin' new curtains for the living room. You know you're growing up when... you get excited for curtains & check for the FedEx truck every 30 minutes :/  lol! We've been in our house for almost a year now so this is one step closer to completing the look. Plus Nate said he was tired of our living room looking like a motel.. (I wasn't aware that if you don't have curtains hanging, your house turned into a motel?)

Thanks for stopping by! If you are up for doing a 10 0n 10 project with me, comment below & I'll be sure to check out your post!

I do have special prayer request for a fellow photographer & her family! Marsha is the amazing woman behind the Savvy Sisterhood Retreat I went on last year. I cannot imagine what she and her family are going through. Please click the link below & keep her sweet daughter in your thoughts. Thank you



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from KN Photography! I hope you enjoy time with your loved ones & eat a ton of goooood food ;) . I know I will! I will be out of the office Dec. 24th-29th. Have a safe & wonderful holiday!


Summer mornings

Since my camera was out sitting around.. I decided to take a picture of my new AMAZING coffee creamer.. GIRL SCOUTS! When I went to the grocery store to buy other items.. I just couldn't pass this up. So if you're a big coffee drinker like me AND you love Girl Scout cookies.. do yourself a favor & try it! :) After I took a picture of my coffee ( kinda weird.. I know haha ), I saw how cuddly Zieg, our bullterrier, was being. Nobody believes that he can be still & sweet at the same time.. so I thought I would prove it :). He just loves the neighborhood kids & especially our little friend ( who we're babysitting this summer ). This is what our summer mornings have been like so far.. coffee, cuddling, and sleep.. couldn't ask for anything better! Have a GREAT weekend everyone! xoxo