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Makeup by Bridgette Gil | Beaumont, TX

Meet Bridgette, an amazingly talented makeup artist! I actually found her through instagram one day from the #beaumont and decided to contact her to see if she was interested in working together (crazy… I know). Who knew that she would be so cool?! I'm so glad I went out on a limb! She has such a fun and bubbly personality. Plus, her makeup skills are ON POINT!  ;)

Getting your makeup professionally done is key to a successful session and Bridgette knows how to work magic! I've asked her to tell us a little about herself and why hiring a professional makeup artist is important.

Tell us about yourself:

I am a professional makeup artist located in Beaumont, Texas. New to the state of Texas, I am now honored to represent MAC Cosmetics. I believe that the personal interest I take in each client that I work with helps me to bring out their inner beauty and provide a look custom to them. I absolutely love what I do and I think that really shows in my work. The most special thing to me is providing people with confidence. I truly believe every single person deserves to feel beautiful and I do everything in my power to bring that out of people. I always enjoy any work environment that I am in and am comfortable in any setting. I want each meeting with me to be a fun and memorable time. I wholeheartedly believe in MACs motto, "All ages, all races, all sexes."

Why is hiring a professional makeup artist important for any photo shoot?:

There are so many reason to hire a professional makeup artist when you are having professional photos done. One main reason I would have to say is STRESS. I personally like to relax and enjoy a photography session and adding the stress of having to do makeup is really unnecessary. Aside from just a peace of mind that knowing your face is going to look flawless, you want the added bonus of looking and feeling special. You get a guarantee when you hire an artist that you will be satisfied with your face and have a special look that brings out your best features and camouflages your least favorite. Not to mention this saves your photographer the extra effort of having to go in and retouch your face, because I can do that for you before you even begin taking photos! When you think about all the costs you put into these special days you are capturing makeup is one thing I personally believe shouldn't be left up to chance.

Let's recap on why to hire a pro vs. doing it yourself:

* LESS stress

* You feel confident!

* The pro knows how to get that flawless look you want

* Who doesn't like to get pampered?

Be sure to check out her Facebook page ---> www.facebook.com/muabridgettegil

Don't forget to follow her on instagram! ---> @makeupbybridgettegil

Or email her at ---> makeupbybridgette@gmail.com

Bridgette and I decided to show the difference between doing it yourself and hiring a pro. Holly was an awesome model and did a fantastic job!

We asked her to do her makeup like she would for a photo shoot, wash it off, and then we had Bridgette do her makeup. The left image is Holly's makeup and the right is Bridgette's makeup.