Girls Around the World

 Oooo la la… another Girls Around the World session from myself and Makeup by Bridgette Gil! You might recognize our model, Victoria, from the 2015 KNP Senior Model Team. She did a GREAT job!

From the black and white stripes, to the hat (reminds me of Madeline), the macarons, the poodle, and wa-la… we give you FRENCH! ;) A HUGE thank you to Jamie for letting Coutseau model for us! He was such a good boy & looked so darn cute in his yellow bow tie. Also, isn't Victoria's makeup flawless?? Makeup by Bridgette Gil is fabulous!  This was such a fun theme to put together. I think the best part was being able to eat the macarons after haha..

Hmm.. what will we come up with next? Until then… xoxo  :)

Makeup: Makeup by Bridgette Gil

Macarons: Sweet Cheeks Macarons