8 Valentine's Days Later

The night before our first Valentine's Day 8 years ago, we went to a middle school basketball game (I think it was middle school... I've gotten so old I can't remember!). We saw a boy give his girlfriend a HUGE teddy bear. It was sweet but I told Nate something like "Oh dear Lord.. I hope you didn't get me a stuffed animal!" He said he immediately thought, "Oh crap." haha! Poor guy. I still have my teddy bear up on a shelf in the guest bedroom. ;)

Here's a few fun/random things about us! 

  1. Our first date was at good ol' Joe's Crabshack in Kemah. We fancy. ;)
  2. Nate actually likes 27 Dresses so that's our go-to chick-flick. B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets!
  3. One time when I got mad at Nate, I yelled "off with your head!" in a British accent. We both busted out laughing. So. darn. random. I'm sure those of you who have ever heard my attempt at a British accent are probably rolling your eyes right now. lol! 

Whether you have a significant other or not, just let someone you care about know that they are loved! We're just laying low today and eating dinner at home. Grant and I will bake a cake with heart sprinkles! I'm sure that boy will get shown no love at all. ;)

This is from our 1st Valentine's Day together. 

This is from our 1st Valentine's Day together. 

Happy Valentine's!