Hurricane Harvey | God Bless Texas

Hurricane Harvey | God Bless Texas

I have been inspired by my neighbors, hometown friends, heck... America for rallying together and supporting one another. I'd love to play a small part in that and help out in any way I can! I've gathered a list of a few businesses who are in Texas giving to those in need! Maybe you're like me and are hours away but still want to help out? Check out the list below and see where you can donate and lend a helping hand to your Southeast Texans!

5 Years and Forever to go | Happy Anniversary

March 31, 2012

5 years ago I married my best friend. FIVE YEARS! In January I decided to try the KonMari method and cleaned out our closet when all of a sudden I stumbled upon a card. It was the card that I wrote to Nate that went with his wedding gift (a watch) before we saw each other on our wedding day. I'm happy we saved it (even though I didn't know we did ha!)!

Every year I love looking through our wedding album and images. I catch myself smiling because they take me back to one of the best nights of my life! It's crazy how photos can make you feel like it was just yesterday. I still remember Nate's cousin, Travis, asking the day after if we could do it all over again because it was that fun. I would love to relive this day 1000 times over! Maybe for our 50th wedding anniversary when we're old and grey!?

To my Nater,

I'm so glad you chose me and I'm not sure what I'd do without you. I love this life we've built together. You are still everything I've ever wanted and more. I love you! Happy 5th anniversary!

Today we're flying to Boston to celebrate! We'll be attending the Red Sox opening day game! One of our dreams is to visit every MLB stadium and Fenway Park will be our 6th! I wonder how many we'll check off the list by our 10th anniversary?! 

Nate's always in trouble. ;)

Nate's always in trouble. ;)

Thank you Tara Swain Photography for capturing the wedding celebration!

Another big thank you to K & K Designs for coordinating and designing!

Why I Photograph You

Sometimes when I’m photographing, I start to reflect on who I was in high school, even middle school, and the memories make me pause. I’ve grown, changed, and evolved, but when I think back on the things I loved years ago, I realize I was catching short glimpses of the person, of the photographer, I would become later in my life. These memories always make me smile.

Photo credit: ST Photography

Photo credit: ST Photography

When I was in middle school, one of my hobbies was exploring Photoshop. The fact that I could alter a photo with a few (or many!) clicks of my mouse fascinated me. Though I don’t spend nearly as much time in Photoshop now as a professional, I always look to my middle school days as the first moments when I realized I was inspired by moments stopped in time by the click of a shutter.

Years later, at 19, I asked for my very first camera for Valentine’s Day. My parents happily obliged (possibly because the camera was on sale!), and I still remember the first time I really started to explore with my camera in my hand. Simply put, I was hooked and grateful to have found what I thought would only ever be a hobby.

One Facebook post offering to take photos lead to another and another until I found myself capturing a baby shower followed by a newborn session. I was pursing what had become my passion, but I was also engrossed in nursing school. However, I came to a big realization while I was in the middle of my program: my heart was always more invested in developing relationships with patients and their families. It’s the very same thing I loved and still love about photography. My mom knew before I allowed myself to admit that photography was what I needed to pursue full-time, and I’m so grateful she encouraged me to change lanes.

While completing my degree in marketing, I jumped even further into photography. My ability to easily relate to others’ experiences allowed me to discover the fun of photographing lifestyle sessions. Families, kids, and high school seniors were some of my favorite subjects. And then I second shot my first wedding. Spoiler: I loved it.  

I love knowing your closest family members and friends are gathering together to celebrate your marriage on your wedding day. Few things are more exciting to me than knowing I’m capturing what I sincerely hope will become some of your most treasured memories – quiet moments with your parents before you walk down the aisle, your groom laughing along with his groomsmen, your joyful expressions together as you’re introduced for the first time at your reception. I also can’t say I’m afraid to jump on the dance floor! I have been known to lead a line dance or two.

Throughout a wedding day or session, I capture exactly what I see. I want you to look at your wedding photos and see every detail exactly how it looked on your wedding day, even the color of the sky. Not only do I want your details to be captured naturally, but I want you to look natural and timeless in your photos. You’re getting married because someone loves you for exactly who you are, how you look, and what you believe.

I learned photography was captivating in middle school, and since I’ve fully realized excitement, joy, and love are contagious feelings. How lucky am I to be able to capture all of your best moments through the lens of my camera? You and your loyalty make me forever grateful I pursued an interest turned hobby turned passion. I photograph for you (and me, too).  

Rainy Days and Netflix

What's better than relaxing and Netflix binge watching on a rainy Sunday? If you're stuck inside and you don't know what to watch, this post might help you out!

Nate and I got rid of our cable about two years ago and surprisingly we haven't missed it. Lucky for us, Netflix has put out so many great shows! I've become a littleee bit obsessed with British shows (thanks Emily). I usually have to put on the subtitles to help me out. No shame! ha 

Without further ado, I wanted to share 10 of my favorites! Some are crime and some will make you cry. Grab some ice cream (Root beer floats, my fave!), kick back, and enjoy!

  • No Tomorrow
  • The Killing
  • The OA
  • Parenthood
  • Gilmore Girls

My favorite BBC shows:

  • Call the Midwife
  • Broadchurch
  • The Fall
  • Luther
  • Happy Valley